Duties Registers

A Duties Register Manual is a collection of written documents providing details of work duties and possible alternative duties along with the associated physical demands of the duties across selected work areas. The Duties Register contains detailed information regarding the primary function of each job, tasks involved and specific physical demands. It is designed to serve as a resource for an organisation to facilitate communication between the injured worker, employer and treating medical practitioner to expedite a worker’s early return to work. Organisations are finding that an injured worker’s fitness for work and physical restrictions are being clarified and communicated earlier and more efficiently using the system.

Duties Registers are developed following comprehensive job and task analysis undertaken by Worklink Occupational Therapists in consultation with representatives from the organisation. They incorporate clear photographs of tasks being undertaken along with easy to read, succinct information regarding physical demands. The layout design is professional and may be tailored in keeping with corporate colours and logos.

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